How to Host a Screening
on Your Campus

12 Steps to Hosting a Screening

Step 1: Identify a potential venue on campus that can be used for a screening – ideally somewhere students know how to access with sound and audio built in. Chapels, lecture halls, auditoriums or student unions are typically all good options

Step 2: Find a faculty sponsor, department head or student activities person, who will approve the screening — follow procedures for hosting an event on your campus

Step 3: If there’s a facility fee, communicate that to:

Step 4: Select a date and time for the screening — try to avoid dates where other major campus events are happening

Step 5: Explore potential partners: environmental science, theology, bible, ecology, American roots music, elementary education, outing club or other like-minded student orgs, local churches, environmental clubs, etc.

Step 6: Download promotion materials from

Step 7: Print flyers and post around campus, promote via social media (use #BeholdTheEarth in your posts so we can co-promote with you), connect with partners you had identified prior and get them to promote the event as well

Step 8: Approach leaders who may want to participate in a post screening panel to discuss themes of the film, take questions from audience, etc.

Step 9: Download study guide to use in post screening dialogue with leaders and students

Step 10: Request screener from at least 3 weeks prior to event.

Step 11: Day of — check audio/video prior to screening. Make sure all is working at least 4 hours prior to guests arriving

Step 12: Press play!

For any additional questions contact: