“Behold the Earth”
What People Are Saying

“A delight to both the eyes and ears, BEHOLD captures the growing movement among churches to BE better stewards of the earth and HOLD up the wonderment of God’s creation, now and for generations yet to come.”
Matthew and Nancy SleethFounders of Blessed Earth
“BEHOLD THE EARTH is not merely a film, it is an experience. Its luxurious pace invites you to not only observe the beauty of the Earth, but to truly behold it.”
Kyle Meyaard-SchaapYoung Evangelicals for Climate Action
“BEHOLD THE EARTH is very well done and presents a beautiful treatment on connecting people to nature. I particularly loved the way music was incorporated so thoughtfully — what a treat to experience a film that actually breathes.”
Jenette RestivoChildren & Nature Network
“BEHOLD THE EARTH is a call to gain a greater understanding of the beauty of creation and to commit ourselves to protect and care for it.”
Doug SatrePlant with Purpose
“BEHOLD THE EARTH is an invitation to slow down, tune out distractions, and for one hour consider the gift that is Creation itself.”
Dr. Kathryn ApplegateBioLogos, and Co-editor of How I Changed My Mind About Evolution
“This beautiful, and beautifully produced film reminds Christians that the very stones preach sermons of God’s presence in creation and choirs of the creatures sing his praises.”
Mark StollAuthor of Inherit the Holy Mountain: Religion and the Rise of American Environmentalism
“BEHOLD THE EARTH is both a visual and musical introduction to God’s love for creation, and it is an invitation to Christians to turn their faith into the healing of our lands and communities.”
Dr. Norman WirzbaProfessor of Theology and Ecology, Duke University Divinity School
“Care of the world is the care of Christ’s church. BEHOLD THE EARTH is a beautiful film that reminds us of this simple truth, and reminds us that it is possible…and necessary…to care for the environment.”
Todd BueglerSenior Pastor Trinity Lutheran Church, Owatonna, MN
“BEHOLD THE EARTH does a good job navigating the interface of faith and reasoning as related to environmental stewardship and climate science. As most serious Christian scientists have discovered, the more you understand the depths of science and of the Christian faith, the more you realize the harmony between the two.”
Dr. George P. CobbProfessor & Chair of Environmental Science, Baylor University
“The film is absolutely delightful, with visually stunning photography, evocative music, and a clear and compelling message about the need for us to lovingly attend to the natural world around us.”
Dr. Steve Bouma-PredigerAuthor of For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision for Creation Care
“Visually stunning, deeply thoughtful, and filled with inspirational voices of environmental leaders, this is a profoundly spiritual film with crucial implications for environmental activism.”
Roger S. GottliebAuthor of A New Creation: Religious Environmentalism and our Planet’s Future and Spirituality: What it Is and Why it Matters
“From Rachel Carson’s ‘sense of wonder’ to E.O. Wilson’s ‘biophilia’ the greatest naturalists have combined their science with a passion for the earth. Behold the Earth inspires its viewers in the same manner nature has inspired the scientists and laypersons portrayed in the film. A truly unique vision unlike any other environmental film.”
Mark MadisonU.S. Fish & Wildlife Historian