Bring “Behold the Earth”
to your community

Film Event Screening Form

“Watch this film with your family, church, class, and neighbors; you will leave filled with hope and convicted to act, starting today!” Matthew and Nancy Sleeth, founders of Blessed Earth

Please use the form below to provide your event date & details. You may also request a complimentary preview of the film if you’d like to watch before committing to an event date.

We are offering church and community screenings in exchange for a $300 licensing fee OR we can help you sell individual tickets to your event. This revenue will help cover the expenses associated with distributing this film and bringing it to your community.

We will do the majority of the leg-work for you, starting with event logistics to providing materials you can use to promote your showing. We can also work with you on the best format for your screening (digital file, DVD, or blu-ray). If you have any additional questions, you can reach out to