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Our next public screening will be close to home at the Opera House in Rockport, Maine at 3pm on Sunday September 17th. The film will be part of CIFF (Camden International Film Festival), where you can buy advance tickets. Here is the full version of one of the tunes in the film, written and performed by the film’s Song Composer Dirk Powell.

A big THANKS to all who helped make this film, far and near. And for those with roots, or who live, in Midcoast Maine: Beverly Slade, Daniel Quintanilla, Irene Yadao, Darryl Czuchra, David Wright, Phil Cormier, Manette Pottle, Sian Evans, Halle Johns, Jon Cunningham, Josh Povec, Jason Mann, Taylor Johnson, Eleanor Conover, Mish Sommers and Dylan Morgenstern, Rene Philbrook & Associates, Diane Ober, David Williams, Liz, Noble, Ken Vencile, Jenny Simon, Carol Miller, and walk-on roles by Jay Fischer, Antonia Munroe, Christian Andrus, Jen Conover & Elli Conover (and whole Conover family), and Don Mann.

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