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“Behold the Earth” in Production

Behold the Earth is a feature-length documentary, currently in production, that inquires into America’s divorce from the outdoors. ¬†Interviews and insight come from the likes of E. O. Wilson, Cal DeWitt, Richard Louv, and Theo Colborn.More are being scheduled.The film explores the past, present, and future common ground among scientists, evangelical Christians, environmentalists, parents, and teachers.Musicians Dirk Powell, Tim Eriksen, and others contribute traditional and original songs inspired by traditional American folk music and by their own outdoor experiences.

After several years producing and directing the series Sunrise Earth for Discovery HD Theater, director David Conover and his production company, Compass Light, are hard at work producing the film and building a vibrant distribution network online. The filmmakers have launched a website for the film at, where Conover regularly posts blog entries, video clips, and images from the on-going production.Short-form content is available immediately for free online distribution, and occasional news updates are regularly sent to those interested in scheduling screenings for their own organization, via sign up at


Full press kit available upon request.   Contact: Mish Morgenstern, Compass Light, 207 236 2078.

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