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Behold the Earth is a feature-length musical documentary that inquires into America's divorce from nature, built out of conversations with leading biologists and evangelical Christians, and directed by David Conover. Filmmakers' blog is below.

Filmmaking is a dance between the FIRE and the SMOKE.  Out in the world, the fire burns.  It is the filmmaker’s duty and craft to organize and convey the smoke (and mirrors) of that fire to others in a compelling and beautiful way.  Here are the pieces of this film organized for the independent filmmaker and media enthusiast.

Distribution of Film

We will be distributing this film direct to churches, as well as to Christian colleges and universities.  We are in discussions with television broadcasters, and will also be presenting it at festivals and conferences.  More details will be listed on this page as venues and schedules are finalized.  In the meantime, the film is available for pay-per-view purchase on the streaming video service VIMEO. See below. VIMEO is similar to NETFLIX but instead of a monthly subscription fee, you can pay one-time for viewing one film, with no further obligation. VIMEO does require submitting your email address for a free account, if you do not already have such an account.


Premiere Screening Sold Out

Many thanks to the Environmental Film Festival for hosting our premiere. Founder Flo Stone, Board Member Bill Stetson, Director Maryanne Culpepper, and their entire team put on another incredible year of films and public events. A lively Q & A followed the screening at the E Street Cinema.

Rhiannon Giddens in Nashville

A few weeks ago, we completed our last music scene, working with Rhiannon Giddens in Nashville. She is a Grammy Award–winning violinist, vocalist and banjo player, and a founding member of African-American folk interpreters Carolina Chocolate Drops. Her recent solo debut was produced by T Bone Burnett, and is called TOMORROW IS MY TURN. We are very pleased that Rhiannon contributed a tune to our production, with the collaboration and accompaniment of BEHOLD THE EARTH’S musician and song composer Dirk Powell.


Update on Production

We have received many emails inquiring about the status of production. Our final shoots are being scheduled for the spring and early summer. The film is scheduled for completion at the end of 2016, with distribution beginning in 2017. If you represent a church or faith community and wish to be included in our distribution outreach, please send your contact information to Irene Yadao, Production Office Manager,


For more on 360s mentioned in previous post below… a bit of a tangent from the inquiry into America’s divorce from the outdoors, but not really… check out

(360 c0mposite image recorded on south end of Hurricane Island, Maine, on Saturday)