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Behold the Earth is a feature-length musical documentary that inquires into America's divorce from nature, built out of conversations with leading biologists and evangelical Christians, and directed by David Conover. Filmmakers' blog is below.

With the passion, training, and professional obligation to foster learning in others, great educators are tuned to what makes someone open and ready for new knowledge.  Here are the posts of this site organized for the educator.

Distribution of Film

We will be distributing this film direct to churches, as well as to Christian colleges and universities.  We are in discussions with television broadcasters, and will also be presenting it at festivals and conferences.  More details will be listed on this page as venues and schedules are finalized.  In the meantime, the film is available for pay-per-view purchase on the streaming video service VIMEO. See below. VIMEO is similar to NETFLIX but instead of a monthly subscription fee, you can pay one-time for viewing one film, with no further obligation. VIMEO does require submitting your email address for a free account, if you do not already have such an account.


Premiere Screening Sold Out

Many thanks to the Environmental Film Festival for hosting our premiere. Founder Flo Stone, Board Member Bill Stetson, Director Maryanne Culpepper, and their entire team put on another incredible year of films and public events. A lively Q & A followed the screening at the E Street Cinema.

Katherine Hayhoe in Texas

My last interview for the film was completed thursday with climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe. She authored A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions


Ten Thousand Charms

This hymn of praise first came to my ears through a version sung by western singer Martha Scanlon.  Beautiful!  Here, Dirk Powell’s daughters Amelia (age 16) and Sophie (age 13) bring the song to life under a 400-year-old Live Oak tree in the deep south. Also on board for the final stretch… Director of Photography David Wright and longtime colleague and second DP/Producer/Sound man Darryl Czuchra. Fantastic!


Nashville filming with Corina Newsome

We spent two days filming with Corina at the Nashville Zoo, whom we met through the group Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. Wow! Author Richard Louv (“Last Child in the Woods”) might think about re-titling his book to (“First Child in the Woods”). Corina told me of growing up in an inner city black neighborhood where her primary exposure to native wildlife was her close observations of the slugs (terrestrial gastropod molluscs) on the shaded brick walls of her building. She identified her first native bird, a blue jay, when she was 19 and in college. Today, she is a passionate and knowledgeable zookeeper. She is also a public educator, a musician, a creation care activist, and a member of a bible study group in Nashville. In this photo, Corina visits with a kangaroo with Quentin Dickerson, a friend and one of the pastors at her church.