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Behold the Earth is a feature-length musical documentary that inquires into America's divorce from nature, built out of conversations with leading biologists and evangelical Christians, and directed by David Conover. Filmmakers' blog is below.

We have chosen to speak with leaders in the evangelical Christian community because many of these people of faith are seeing that the care of creation is perhaps the most urgent and necessary expression of their belief and their community life.  Historically, the community has also been one of the most popular and influential forces shaping American identity.  They continue to be so.  From the complete number of posts on this website, we have selected the posts likely to be of most direct interest to evangelical Christians and listed them below.  A collection of all posts can be found at Behold the Earth.

Nashville filming with Corina Newsome

We spent two days filming with Corina at the Nashville Zoo, whom we met through the group Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. Wow! Author Richard Louv (“Last Child in the Woods”) might think about re-titling his book to (“First Child in the Woods”). Corina told me of growing up in an inner city black neighborhood where her primary exposure to native wildlife was her close observations of the slugs (terrestrial gastropod molluscs) on the shaded brick walls of her building. She identified her first native bird, a blue jay, when she was 19 and in college. Today, she is a passionate and knowledgeable zookeeper. She is also a public educator, a musician, a creation care activist, and a member of a bible study group in Nashville. In this photo, Corina visits with a kangaroo with Quentin Dickerson, a friend and one of the pastors at her church.


St. Lucie filming with Ben Lowe

A wonderful day with Ben Lowe yesterday, starting at dawn at the water’s edge. Then a conversation in which he shared observations from his work with Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. Humble, articulate, warm smile. 30 years old, and an active member of the new and rising generation of American evangelicals. Topics ranged from his love for the fish of the St. Lucie river in Florida, to his thoughts on trace chemicals in the waterway, to the impact of a changing climate on biodiversity… to his joy and work and care for creation. Ben is heading off to graduate school to continue his work to understand the fisheries of Lake Tanganyika. I hope the church nurtures young people like Ben.


Update on Production

We have received many emails inquiring about the status of production. Our final shoots are being scheduled for the spring and early summer. The film is scheduled for completion at the end of 2016, with distribution beginning in 2017. If you represent a church or faith community and wish to be included in our distribution outreach, please send your contact information to Irene Yadao, Production Office Manager,

To Re-Nature, to Re-Create

In his recent book THE NATURE PRINCIPLE, Richard Louv brings together a host of provocative thinkers and research. He describes the work of Robert Michael Pyle, who writes about the “extinction of experience.” What happens when people lose touch with the outdoors? when we lose our capacity to connect with something beyond the two dimensionality of a screen, mobile or not.

“Our sensitivity to nature, and our humility within it, are essential to our physical and spiritual survival,” writes Louv.

What if faith is a sense, along with sight, hunger, peripheral vision, and smell ? Each moment outdoors is a moment to re-nature, to re-create.


For more on 360s mentioned in previous post below… a bit of a tangent from the inquiry into America’s divorce from the outdoors, but not really… check out

(360 c0mposite image recorded on south end of Hurricane Island, Maine, on Saturday)