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Our next public screening will be close to home at the Opera House in Rockport, Maine at 3pm on Sunday September 17th. The film will be part of CIFF (Camden International Film Festival), where you can buy advance tickets. Here is the full version of one of the tunes in the film, written and performed by the film’s Song Composer Dirk Powell.

A big THANKS to all who helped make this film, far and near. And for those with roots, or who live, in Midcoast Maine: Beverly Slade, Daniel Quintanilla, Irene Yadao, Darryl Czuchra, David Wright, Phil Cormier, Manette Pottle, Sian Evans, Halle Johns, Jon Cunningham, Josh Povec, Jason Mann, Taylor Johnson, Eleanor Conover, Mish Sommers and Dylan Morgenstern, Rene Philbrook & Associates, Diane Ober, David Williams, Liz, Noble, Ken Vencile, Jenny Simon, Carol Miller, and walk-on roles by Jay Fischer, Antonia Munroe, Christian Andrus, Jen Conover & Elli Conover (and whole Conover family), and Don Mann.

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Distribution of Film

We will be distributing this film direct to churches, as well as to Christian colleges and universities.  We are in discussions with television broadcasters, and will also be presenting it at festivals and conferences.  More details will be listed on this page as venues and schedules are finalized.  In the meantime, the film is available for pay-per-view purchase on the streaming video service VIMEO. See below. VIMEO is similar to NETFLIX but instead of a monthly subscription fee, you can pay one-time for viewing one film, with no further obligation. VIMEO does require submitting your email address for a free account, if you do not already have such an account.


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Premiere Screening Sold Out

Many thanks to the Environmental Film Festival for hosting our premiere. Founder Flo Stone, Board Member Bill Stetson, Director Maryanne Culpepper, and their entire team put on another incredible year of films and public events. A lively Q & A followed the screening at the E Street Cinema.

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Premiere Sunday in Washington, D.C.

After 12 years, we are about to complete production.  Lots of late nights over the past few weeks in the post-production suites by Editor Daniel Quintanilla, Sound Mixer and Color Grader Taylor Johnson and Jon Cunningham, Associate Producer Halle Johns.  Producer Manette Pottle has been busy coordinating details of screening.  Very grateful for all this hard work!  If you are in the Washington D.C. area, please come!  For details, here.  More screenings across the country are being scheduled.  By April 1, we will also be posting distributors and online streaming venues.

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A Young Climate Scientist’s Moral Awareness

As we work through our edit, I very much appreciate the following personal reflection, which comes from Yale Climate Connections. Today they posted a radio interview with Sarah Myhre of the University of Washington. She studies how global warming affects marine ecosystems. Her work has serious implications, so she’s unable to put it away when she goes home.

Myhre: “My place of deep happiness is being outside amidst mountains and oceans and animals and places where I feel the most connected to the natural world. And coming to terms with the kind of change that’s in front of us, I mean we’re talking about changing the entire planet forever. And there are major emotional and existential crises that I think scientists and citizens are grappling with.”

Sarah often considers what the world will be like when her son grows up.


Myhre: “And all of those emotions, all that commitment to my son’s life in the future … it all informs the kind of professional that I want to be.”

Keeping the serious consequences of climate change top of mind can be emotionally taxing, but Myhre says it’s helped her grow personally and professionally.

Myhre: “It’s really shifted my thinking from the world being about, you know, me and my life and my career … to thinking about people in the future and the suffering that is possible, and my moral responsibility to those people and to my family.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Myhre

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